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Sanitas Más Salud

Sanitas Más Salud

Healthcare with or without co-payment

Cover and services




Sanitas Más Salud is a comprehensive healthcare policy of the highest quality and providing access to the entire Sanitas medical assistance team. It’s designed to cover all your needs in Spain. It has three product options, to enable you to choose the cover that best meets your needs:

  • Sanitas Más Salud is a product involving no co-payments, for customers who prefer not to make any extra payments for using the policy.
  • Sanitas Más Salud Plus has a progressive co-payment structure, where you pay nothing for the first six services.
  • Sanitas Más Salud Óptima has the most affordable premium and a slightly higher co-payment structure.

Cover included in Sanitas Más Salud


 Primary Care
General medicine, paediatrics, nursing assistance, emergency services...
 Access to all specialities without restrictions
Cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, orthopaedic traumatology, gynaecology, ophthalmology, oncology, psychiatry…
 Diagnostic tests
Clinical tests, ultrasound scans, x-rays, MRI scans, endoscopies, scanning...
 Therapeutic methods
Rehabilitation sessions, oncological treatments, respiratory therapies, speech-language therapy sessions, lithotripsy, radiotherapy...
 Surgical operations
with or without a stay in hospital.
 Dental Cover
Sanitas Dental 21 is included in the product and provides access to all the clinics and dentists in our dental network, with 30 services included in the cover and discounts of up to 21% on all other treatments.

Additional cover options

Sanitas Más Salud is designed to cover all your needs in Spain and outside Spain too:

 Pharmacy cover
To obtain your medication at half price.
 Optical cover
To help you with the cost of your optical material: prescription glasses and prescription contact lenses.
 Traffic and Labour Accidents
To have the best medical care included in your cover in the event of this type of contingency.
 Hospital compensation
If a stay in hospital is required, Sanitas will provide compensation for each day the insured person is hospitalised.
 Repatriation guarantee
transfer of the insured and a companion to the country of origin in case of death of the insured.
 Reimbursement add-on
Free choice of specialist and medical centre with the option to set a cap of €150,000 or €300,000 for your trips abroad.

Services included in Sanitas Más Salud


 Second medical opinion
By Sanitas from world-renowned specialists.
 Sanitas 24 hours
Helpline for emergencies and medical advice.
 Sanitas Welcome
24-hour helpline to speed up procedures.
 Sanitas Responde
Telephone and online platform staffed by medical professionals with general advice programmes.
 Online services
(arranging appointments, downloading test results, requesting refunds, arranging medical authorisation, etc.) a travðrough the Mi Sanitas customer area

Summary of cover and services of Sanitas Más Salud Summary of cover and services of Sanitas Más Salud Plus Summary of cover and services of Sanitas Más Salud Óptima

Conditions of Sanitas Más Salud


Waiting periods

Waiting periods:

Outpatient surgical operations ambulatorias
3 months
High-tech diagnostic tests
6 months
6 months
Childbirth or Caesarean
8 months
The following complex therapeutic methods: interventional cardiology, haemodynamics, interventional radiology, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and lithotripsy.
10 months
Tubal ligation and vasectomyno ambulatorias o en régimen de hospitalización
10 months
Hospitalisation and non-outpatient system surgical operations.
10 months
And if you already have health insurance with a competitor, all waiting periods are eliminated except the one corresponding to childbirth.


Maximum age at inception date

The maximum age for purchasing this product is 75 years old.

Cover age limit

There is no cover age limit.


  • Discount due to payment method 4% annually


This is the additional amount that you must pay to use certain services. We provide details of these amounts in each of the services below:

Sanitas Más Salud Plus
From 0 to 6 services
From 7 to 10 services
From 11 to 15 services
Over 15 services
Single co-payment in services requiring a high number of uses*: €12

*Physiotherapy (10 sessions), ventilotherapy (15 sessions), oxygen therapy (30 days for BPAP and CPAP and 15 days for aerosol) and childbirth classes.

Más Salud Óptima
From 0 to 3 services
From 4 to 10 services
From 11 to 15 services
Other services outside this structure:
Complex diagnostic tests:
Complex therapeutic methods:
Complex therapeutic methods:
High frequency of use pack:

*In both cases, the calculation of the services is carried out per insured person and per year.

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