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Sanitas International Residents

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  It is a healthcare policy that covers all of my needs whilst I’m in Spain and outside Spain.
  Healthcare insurance with comprehensive healthcare cover
- Primary care and specialities.
- Diagnostic tests.
- Therapeutic methods.
- Surgery and hospitalisation.
- Emergencies on trips abroad.
- Second opinion from international experts in your case.
- Medical care and emergencies at home.
- Dental 21 cover: more than 30 services included
- 80% reimbursement up to €150,000
- 90% reimbursement up to €300,000.
  Without co-payments
 I won’t have to pay a thing to use the insurance.
  Reimbursement cover included
In addition to accessing Sanitas’ extensive medical chart, I can choose any specialist and medical centre I want in Spain and on my trips abroad.
You can also choose the level of cover:
- 80% reimbursement up to €150,000.
- 90% reimbursement up to €300,000.
  With a repatriation guarantee included
Transfer to the country of origin in case of death with a ticket for a companion.
  All of my policy documents and customer service in English or German
  Forms of payment
By direct debit, transfer or credit card*.
*(Minimum stay of 6 months a year in Spain).
  • Sanitas belongs to Bupa Group, the world-leading international healthcare group

  • Sanitas has focused exclusively on healthcare for more than 60 years and has 1.5 million customers

  • With Sanitas I have the backing of a market leading company and specialist in healthcare

  • I have a comprehensive helpline, service, with Sanitas 24 hours in emergency service

  • Sanitas provides national cover, with more than 40,000 medical professionals and 1,200 medical centres

  • Option to carry out procedures online via the new Sanitas app, more conveniently and without needing to travel

  • In addition, it has Sanitas centres and hospitals exclusively for its customers


I can carry out all of these procedures from my computer, tablet or smartphone

  • Digital card
    My usual card now on my mobile, with no need to take the physical card

  • Make my appointments and authorise services

  • Access my test results

  • Check my nearest medical centres and specialists

  • Manage my reimbursements online
    In addition, they reimburse my money within 10 days



I can now access the prestigious University of Navarra Clinic** and the new centre that will open soon in Madrid.

In addition, I can complete my digital cover by connecting via video consultation with all of the specialists and adding more home services with the  digital add-on**.
  • Optician’s
    My glasses and contact lenses at half price, from €5.50 a month*.

  • Pharmacy
    Reimbursement of 50% of my pharmacy costs, for just €4/month*.

  • Family Assistance
    Home help for me and my family in unforeseen circumstances, for just €2/month*.

Check the full range of add-ons at
* Premiums per insured and month.
** Additional optional cover that the policyholder can take out. For more information check the terms and conditions of this cover

*Premium for an insured aged 30 to 34 valid during the first year of the contract and provided that policy is purchased with an effective date between 01/05/2017 and 01/02/2018.
The premium specified will vary depending on the place of residence of the insured. More specifically, insured living in Ibiza and Menorca have a surcharge of 15% of the premium. 4% discount on the premium if the payment frequency is annually